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Works Well!

I can honestly say by taking these Probiotics has really worked well for me. I have been taking them faithfully for about 15 days now and noticed a strong immune support and a healthy gut. My daughter has caught a stomach virus a week ago with symptoms of headaches,stomach aches,sore throat and diarrhea. As of this morning I noticed symptoms of a headache,bloating stomach and a mild sore throat. (no diarrhea). I think I am catching the stomach virus that my daughter had last week. In my opinion,my symptoms and condition could have been way worse if it weren’t for these Probiotics that I am taking. How would I know this? Last year I had a bad stomach virus and did not take any Probiotics and suffered horribly. I know my body and there is a difference. I will definitely purchase this brand again.

Update 11/18/2017- The stomach virus symptoms that I had described previously several days ago it did not get worse ,in fact I still didn’t get any diarrhea; my stool was soft for three days and the symptoms has vanished. I continued to take my Probiotics along with chicken noodle soup , green apples, banana, and lots of water. I feel so much better and back to normal.


Awesome Probiotic!!!!!

I purchased Probio SS because I’ve had good success with other products from Nox Nutrients. I’ve have stomach issue & have IBS. 2 health professionals had suggested a good probiotic. I’m so glad I chose this one. My stomach feels much better 🙂

Christopher D.

No More Bloat

I was having a difficult time adjusting to a new job where i suddenly started working nights. My digeztive clock got switched around abd found it much more difgicult to eat healthy overnight as many of my healthy options are not available during the overnight timefeame. I had been eating more fastfoods and bliat was getting to me. A friend reccomended this product. I have been taking it for 3 weeks and feel much better. I feel less bloated and more regular. Great product.

Quality supplement!


Amazing difference! We have been taking this for about 2 weeks or so and have noticed a huge difference is our gut health. After meal bloating is a thing of the past and seems like our high stress lifestyle is much more manageable. Quality ingredients… Will be reordering this one for sure.

Al Douglas

Impressive probiotic

My wife has been using this probiotic for the past 3 weeks and has had great results. She feels better and more “regular” overall. This one does the trick and I’d recommend to anyone.


using before and found this one and am so happy with it

I was looking for a probiotic that has a larger CFU than the one I was using before and found this one and am so happy with it. I also love that it contains enzymes and is heat resistant.



Been very happy with this product so far and at this point would recommend to others.


Amazing Price for 50 Million!

My mom has been looking for something with more CFUs because she has been using one with 15million that cost $25. Then I found this and it was more affordable with 50million!! My mom can really tell a difference and loves it!


So far so good!

I have been taking these probiotics for few weeks now and they seem to be working great. I like the fact that you do not need to keep them in fridge. It makes it easier not to forget taking them daily.

Satisfied Customer

This stuff has great potentcy

This stuff has great potentcy. I don’t normally take any supplements but this makes a good difference and I feel better than before.