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One of the best product by far!

One of the best product by far! Getting directly from Iceland and was so impressed with how clean the land and ocean water is there. This is a great quality product and helps keep my middle-aged joints lubricated and pain-free and prevents the skin on my hands and feet from cracking.


Great value and no fishy aftertaste

I knew I needed the omega-3’s in fish oil to supplement my weightlifting regimen, and since I don’t like seafood I’m lucky I found this. $25 for a two month supply? No fishy burps? High quality and sustainable sourcing? Count me in!

Super shopper

Quality Fish Oil!

Love the third party testing so we know we’re taking a quality product! The levels of EPA and DHA are well above minimums so you know you’re getting enough of the good stuff! We’ll continue using this in our house! The price is great too!!

Satisfied Customer

High Quality!

I love taking Omega 3 and am really happy with this one from Nox Nutrients. It is a high quality product. It is a large supply so both my husband and I use it. Very pleased!

Jim F.

Easy to swallow....Free of harmful metals and Chemicals

My doctor suggested that I start taking Omega 3 and I like the fact that this one is Icelandic and free from all the junk that many seem to have. Easy to swallow and I know I’m getting the Omega 3 I should be.

Vos Infinitum

Good fish oil

I really like this stuff. I’ve been taking it for awhile now and definitely feel better in my joints and overall. This fish oil does not leave a fishy aftertaste once the capsule dissolves, unlike some other ones I’ve tried. This is good stuff.


work better than others

this product work just as described , I will sure buy it again


Easy to take and no fishy taste later!

Feels good.. no nasty after taste! Definitely will buy again


Satisfied Customer

I have been hearing all the benefits of taking fish oil supplements, so I decided to give these a try. They say they give a multitude of benefits. The packaging is very nice. I am glad to be doing something that is supposed to be so good for my health.

Satisfied Customer

Great Fish Oil no residual taste

My husband usually takes another more expensive brand. I think we have found a replacement here. no odors or residual taste. Also has the same amount of ingredients as the other brand. It’s a win, win.