M3 is the Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition

What makes M3 the ultimate in nitric oxide nutrition?  There are two distinct ways your body can generate NO, and M3 provides the necessary ingredients to maximize both.  One of these ways is through the conversion of arginine into nitric oxide, otherwise known as the arginine-nitric oxide pathways.  L-arginine, or arginine, is an amino acid that your body gets from your diet.  This amino acid is converted into NO by the inner part of your arteries called the endothelium.  L-citrulline and watermelon can also convert into NO by means of this pathway.

Another means of obtaining nitric oxide is through the nitrate/nitrite-nitric oxide pathway.  Certain fruits and roots are converted into NO this way; some examples include: Pomegranates and Beets.


The above pathways provide your body the raw materials necessary to create your own Bio fuel (aka Nitric Oxide); a critical ingredient in optimal health and wellness.

Nitric oxide is more valuable than gold.  In order to maximize its health benefits you should take measures to protect it!  NO last only 5 seconds at best.  Fortunately NO’s duration can be increased by making sure your body has a surplus of the antioxidants.  It has been proven that when you combine arginine, citrulline, antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin D3, and a special type of vitamin E, you obtain a much better benefit from NO.  For extra protection, we’ve boosted the potency of our supplement by also adding grape seed, grape seed extract, and the power packed camu camu berry of South America.

PH balance and absorption


Your body produces NO in an alkaline environment, which is why we’ve added trace minerals to help raise your PH and promote your body’s production of NO.  Minerals also helped with absorption, and because your body has to absorb M3 before it can benefit from it, the minerals serve a dual purpose.  The added Astragin™ is a proprietary blend significantly formulated to help with the absorption process.


For potent herbals: hawthorne berry, horse chestnut, green coffee, and Indian gooseberry are included to keep the nitric oxide generating endothelium nice and healthy!  These four herbs are well researched and respected in the alternative medicine world.

Every ingredient in the M3 – Miracle Molecule Max formula was carefully selected to maximize your body’s production and usage of NO: the molecule that helps promote a multitude of physical and mental benefits.  Try M3 and see the amazing benefits for yourself!