Nox Natural Whey

Nox Natural Whey is a medical doctor certified (MD-C)™ delicious and creamy all natural whey protein shake. Whey protein has been used as a supplement for lean muscle support*, immune system*, digestion* and overall health* for decades. With its high protein content and low calorie count Nox Natural Whey works great as an adjunct to a weight reduction program*.

  • Naturally Flavored and Delicious
  • Balanced Amino Acid Blend
  • Naturally Occurring Glutathione Precursors*
  • Digestive Enzymes for Digestibility*
  • 23 grams of Protein & Only 120 Calories
  • Mixes Easily and Completely – Without a Blender!

Many people think of whey protein as a supplement only used by athletes wanting to increase their muscle mass. However, this “superfood” provides all 18 amino acids, naturally occurring bioactive components such as immunoglobulins and lactoferrin, and a cysteine concentration over 4-fold higher than other proteins—all in a highly absorbable form. And whey is one of the greatest foods for maximizing glutathione, the endogenous antioxidant that quenches oxidative stress to inhibit diseases of aging.

In addition to expanding life span, whey has been found to reduce muscle wasting in the elderly, reduce the risk of diabetes, inhibit cancer development, and defend against cognitive decline.

Taking whey protein is a great way to increase your protein intake, which should have major benefits for weight loss. Studies have shown that replacing other sources of calories with whey protein, combined with weight lifting, can cause weight loss, while increasing lean muscle mass. Also, whey is the most satiating (appetite suppressing) of all macro-nutrients.