Featured M3 Review of the Month

Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks, MD Medical Advisory Board of Nox Generation

“Congratulations to Dr. Jay. M3 is the most well thought out nitric oxide supplement on the market. He has really done his homework and the formulation of M3 takes into account all of the pertinent research. It is comprehensive and hits on all of the important pathways that need to be supported for optimal Nitric Oxide formation/utilization. Way to go Jay, this is something I fully endorse!”

“I have found the M3 health product to be a high quality nutritional supplement that allows the body to significantly increase cardio and general health. I recommend it to all my patients and use it myself on a regular basis.”

Dr. Ralph Templeton
Bremen Family Health and Wellness Center
Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

“I am devoted to sharing my personal, non-toxic healing journey with Breast Cancer. Through my website and personal healing journey, I have touched the lives of thousands of women around the globe. M3 is important for women who are being proactive with prevention and to those that are on a healing journey. The science and studies behind the product is very impressive. A healthy immune system, reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation are key to maintaining vibrant health and a balanced L- arginine product, like M3, promotes all three.”

“I have been using and recommending M3 for over a year now.  I have had hundreds of patients using it and indicating outstanding results.  One 86 year old patient was having blood pressure issues.  But a recent doctors visit showed excellent improvement.  In fact, her doctor said, “You have the blood pressure of a teenager.  Whatever you are doing keep at it”!

Dr. Steve Rasmussen
Louise and Wayne

“I just wanted to say that my husband (pictured) and I have both benefited from takingm3 everyday. Wayne’s cholesterol has come down to normal and he doesn’t have to take dangerous meds. In fact, all his blood work is in the normal range now! I have A-fib and can feel a huge difference since taking m3, so much so, that I don’t need medication f or it. Thanks for the m3… It has helped us both!”

Pat Sparks, owner of the Herb Shop in Fayetteville , GA has been using m3 for the past 3 months for her cardiovascular system and general health. “I had a heart screening today and it is better! My blood pressure has been staying normal too.”

Pat Sparks
Sydney Skaggs Ritzhaupt

Did you hear what Sydney Skaggs Ritzhaupt says this about m3? “I took BP meds for 10 years. I am off the meds my BP was 102/66 today. I run at least 2 miles every other day and I am almost 67 yrs.” That’s cool!

Joanna Williams, message therapist and cross fit enthusiast loves m3. ” I can tell a huge difference in my energy. I put a lot of physical demands on my body and I can tell that my recovery time is much less. I am pretty much addicted to this stuff and I have been telling everyone about it.”

Joanna Williams
Judy Eilderts

“Wanted to let you know that I have gotten my products and have been using them this week… I have been sleeping better on it….!”
Arginine has been proven to increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which should elevate at night to help for a good, restorative, sound sleep”.

“I have been taking m3 for about 6 weeks. My pain levels are half as bad as they were. I am taking ALOT less hydrocodone. I went on an 8 day cruise and walked and walked. I haven’t had energy to do that in years!”

Debbie Ritchie
New Life Fitness Center

Shane, owner of New Life Fitness Center in Bremen Georgia, says: “I am very happy with the results I get with M3.  It gives me a great “pump”!  Customers at my gym will look at my arms and ask, ‘You just finished working out?’ and I will tell them, ‘No.  I take M3 so it just looks like it’.  M3 also gives me lots of energy.”


Dr. Jay's homerun with M3!

Dr. Jay constantly strives to deliver the best cardiovascular supplement. More energy, better circulation, kinder digestive tract and better sleep are just a few of the benefits I get while taking M3. The concern he had for his homeopathy practice and patients years ago carries over to his work in the cardiovascular field. He is deeply affected by the unnecessary problems that we have today and the rising toll this is taking on all of us about our circulatory system. My family and I trust Dr. Jay with our lives and health. Give it a try. You will see more benefits the longer you let M3 heal you and reverse cardiovascular disease!


Thumbs up to more energy!

I really love this! I have so much more energy which I really need with my 8 grand-kids to chase around. It mixes and cleans up easy. I would definitely recommend this product!


Excellent supplement!

Excellent supplement! Using this during a juice cleanse, mainly to help with mental focus, mood and sleep. Just added this to my cleanse this week and have gotten a nice boost in mood! Great stuff.

D. Weaver

3 Months and you will not live without this product again!

WE LOVE M3!!! My father used to sit around in sweaters and blankets, but after 2-3 months on M3 he never again complained about being cold, and my diabetic husband got the same results! His blood sugar has come down so much and he has decided to stop taking his medication on his own because the benefits he’s gotten with M3 were more effective than the insulin which also made him dizzy. I’m pleased that this is a doctor recommend formula that has integrity – what’s on the label is truly in the product! I have a Health & Wellness shop and now can recommend M3 to my clients who are themselves enjoying their own wonderful experiences – including great sleep as well. I highly recommend taking M3 for at least 3 months to see how well it will help you or your loved ones without delay. Thanks Nox Nutrients for a top notch nitric oxide product at a very competitive price!!!



I bought this Nutrient and got noticeable results in mental focus, mood and sleep within few days. Going to the Gym twice a week and got stronger muscles, deep and comfortable sleep and feel energetic at all day. Wonderful nutrient, definitely recommend.

Satisfied Customer

I feel like a new person

Between using this product and my doing my bi annual juice cleanse, I feel like a new person. Awesome!

Satisfied Customer

Shipping came fast and the product was in great shape.

Shipping came fast and the product was in great shape.Even though I have been taking M3 for a short time, I have noticed an increase in my energy level and I have better stamina. Great product!


Excellent supplement!

Excellent supplement! Using this during a juice cleanse, mainly to help with mental focus, mood and sleep. Just added this to my cleanse this week and have gotten a nice boost in mood! Great stuff.


i'm pleasantly surprised to see a change

have been on this for almost a month now and notice a definite difference in my memory. i used to have pretty bad brain fog, especially on the computer, but actually seems to be clearing. i’m pleasantly surprised to see a change. haven’t added anything else to my routine so i can only credit to this supplement. thx.


I'm Happy I tried it

I had never heard of this kind of supplement, but a nutrition enthused friend recommended I at least look into it, so I did, and I purchased this product. I truly am starting to see results, so the longer I take it the more results I’m sure to see. I recommend everyone give this product a try, you’ll be happy you did.